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“Nature is always my source of inspiration.” The topics of Ericka’s work have varied widely over the years of her practice. She produces pieces to be placed as private sales, and also has a long history of creating public art and corporate commissions that serve many purposes.


marin pottery

The beginning of an Artist’s work with ceramics is the study of relationships in the elements of our earth. Literally, the dirt. As the skill of forming and bonding the elements grows, other relationships emerge. Windswept and eloquent evocations of earth and sky. A direct editorial about human abuse of the earth. Hearing a whimsically clever wind chime. The simple joy of a hand holding a beautiful cup.

In Ericka’s work she demonstrates a broad range of technique developed from years of exploration. She has excavated tons of ‘wild clay’ from hillsides, built wood firing kilns the size of houses and also done finely detailed work using the most refined materials. Hers is a highly skilled joining of material and technique to intention.